St. Thomas Completion Ceremony

It is hard to believe that another year has gone by!  Too often, I am busy enjoying the moment and do not get to document it with photos.  I was able to capture some “before” photos and a couple of smiles.  Congratulations to all of our preschoolers!  I am so proud of all their hard […]

Earth Day at Grelen Nursery

We had a wonderful time celebrating Earth Day at Grelen Market and Nursery.  We were given a tour of the gardens and around the property.  Then Mr. Greg came to talk to us about the nursery and growing trees.  The children were especially excited to see the bees with Mr. Jamal.   They loved observing the […]

Baby chicks!

The children were thrilled to have baby chicks come to visit the preschool.  They were so attentive as they learned about the baby chicks and so very gentle as they passed the baby chicks around our circle.  After the chicks left, we took turns coming up with adjectives to describe each chick – fluffy, soft, […]

Mr. Jefferson visits the Preschool

We celebrated Presidents Day with a special guest.  During snack time, we read a book about Thomas Jefferson and by the end of our snack who should appear but President Thomas Jefferson himself!  Tom Pitz is a member of St. Thomas Episcopal Church and St. Thomas Community Preschool Board.  He has been performing historical reenactments […]

Countries & Cultures Day at St. Thomas

Our curriculum on culture assists children in understanding the differences in various types of cultures. The goal of this curriculum is to teach cultural awareness and in doing so promote knowledge of self as well as tolerance of others. This year we hosted our first Countries & Cultures Day at St. Thomas.  We invited our […]

Christmas Program

Our preschoolers did a great job with our Christmas Program this year!  They sang several songs and shared some Christmas jokes, too!  Just looking at these adorable snowmen makes me smile!